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Can you please tell me what the 5.1 bring a new? I didn't really noticed anything from the end of 5.0.  Maybe is a change i am to blind to notice.

It's some bug fixes and the gallery. See the dev log for more information.

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So far i'm totally loving it, but there's no music. not really a big deal, but I saw the options for it so I was wondering if there was something I needed to do to get it working. I've just arrived at the school for the first time, other sounds seem to work fine (One scene in the bad hotel)

Edit: Does the tp shortage refrence predate covid? I laughed way too hard


Haha yes it was ;)

Sound is not that important to me and I have to search for license free stuff which costs time I prefer to invest into the content. I'm adding soundseffects relatively sparse, because of that, but I will add more.


The best game I've played so far. The art Is beautiful, really. The first +18 game that i liked. Because, it has an amazing story. The game Is not just porn or that stuff, it comes with a story that anyone would love. Looking forward for the next update. I'm also thinking in donating. I know the developer of this game Is one person, so it Will help him alot. Marvellous game. I have no words to show my gratitude towards the development/developer. Thanks for this masterpiece! Also, don't over stress yourself. We will wait patiently till the next update!


Love your game. Can you also provide an compressed file link for later versions, would really appreciate that.


What an absolutely great work!! I am really interested in the story!! Keep up the great work man, and make sure to take some time off if you need it!! We will be here :D  


Hurry up and give us a damn update! Just kidding, great story and amazing graphics, beautiful story line. Take your time and keep up the good work, can't wait for the next update!


I love your game, and I can't wait to see where the story goes. Please take your time and don't overwork yourself.


Great game, probably the best of its kind. Looking forward for updates

So Bm-Rec are you already working on 0.6 and when do you think its going to come out


Yes and no, I'm currently working on the gallery, but before I start working on the next major update, I'll make the next update for my other game, so expect a few months to pass until the next update for BM.


A very good looking game. Some of the renders are breath taking.

Looking forward to future updates. (Hopefully soon)


Always "game over" too soon ;) Loving it so far :D


Dude I delete the game because I don't think it'll be updated anytime soon and it's updated.  ...I guess I almost had enough patience.  Almost.

can i dowload only the update? because i want to continue the story for the last scene where i was

renpy keeps the old saves, so you can simply overwrite the game. BUT if you're on android, look one post further down.


how many days are in the game right now?

8 plus the three intro days.

thank you! cant wait to see more!

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hi love your game but the version for android won't install idk if its a issue with my phone or maybe the code but it downloads the apk file but then won't download the app please any help thanks

Yeah I'm having the same issue galaxy note 9. First time I tried to install it didn't recognize it then tried again and it seemed to be working but came up with app not installed at the end. Do I need to delete the original first? Pretty sure that will delete the saves


you can backup your save files and delete the previous version, then install the new version and copy the save files over.

Save file location: SD(or internal):/Android/data/bad.memories/files/saves/

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ha thanks just did this and was about to comment the same thing. works fine. 

Morales225286 use a file explorer to go to the location they stated /\ (i used es file explorer. copy the save files and put them in a back up folder then delete the game and install the new version. After that start the new game make a quick save and then go back to the file explorer and replace the new save files with your old backed up ones. Don't know how much of that was obvious wasn't intending to be condescending by just stating it all, but thought it better stated than not.

if you have the previous version installed, try deinstalling it and then install the new version.


Yo great update cant wait to see more scenes with jada ellie racheal and more keep working hard BM_Re


Yo Bm_Rec it took a long time but its finally out ive been waiting for this

Do you have a discord where we can follow the game's development, news etc. or is it patreon exclusive?

I do have a discord, also added it to my profile :)


Playing as the Male this round, LOVE the game and Ellie is one of the most adorable young ladies I've seen so far. Excellent work Thank You.


Boy oh boy this is some good content. I can't wait till more is made. The only things I didn't like were the molestation and Rachel's design. But it's most on me because of my morals and not being interested in milfs, but still a great and surprisingly interesting story.

It's what they say: Came for the porn, stayed for the lore 


You make it sound like there's something wrong with your moral xD

It's nothing one should ever do, and nothing I'd expect someone with the right mind to do in RL, that's why I made Katherine being really unlikeable during the first few encounters, so that MC's actions are at least somewhat understandable.

Anyway, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the game :)

I downloaded this a few days ago, and I'd like to think it's a pretty good game.

Granted, I've only played the female side of things (for hopefully obvious reasons), so I don't know anything about the male side.

But with the female version of the story, I did notice something rather annoying...

If the female player character is lesbian... why does she enjoy straight porn (especially in VR where she would be viewing from the perspective of a male)...? Bit of an oversight, I'm guessing?

First of all, thanks :)
For the lesbian porn part: Every scene that is gender specific I'll have to do twice (obviously) and that costs a lot of time. Not the writing but the rendering/image creation. I'm a one man developer, so I simply have to make some cuts here and there to get stuff done.

The porn scenes aren't really important scenes and the majority of the playerbase is male, so I can't make them lesbian only. I do have the plan to include some lesbian VR scenes in the second half of the game though.


You're welcome! 

And it's just something kind of annoying I noticed. Didn't affect the overall game too much in my opinion. 

I look forward to see how the game progresses as its one of the better 18+ VNs I've played.

Also I can completely understand the solo developer thing. I've been solo working on an RPG Maker project for over a year now but I have sooo many ideas that I'm barely passed the prologue bit :/

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BM, when will the next update be uploaded?
I feel an emptiness bigger and bigger since the end of this version :(


Soon, the update is currently getting tested. Maybe next week or in two weeks ;)


Just got to Jada coming into my house before the game ends. I was so into the game (And loving it),  that when it ended, I played it again and again. I didn't realize that it was late at night, and that I had to go sleep soon. Can't wait for this to fully come out. 


I just downloaded this game and haven't started yet but I read the description and noticed that some scenes (bad memories) were only added as text even though they are necessary for the full story effect. I personally believe that adding all scenes would be a good idea for the full effect, if it is too much for many people I suggest an option to toggle the bad memories on and off. If you made it to the end of my comment thank you for at least considering my feedback and I do hope to enjoy this game.


Thx for your comment, I hope so too :)

I think I found a good workaround with the memories, they come in form of dreams and in the next update, they will also have nice visual effect.


Ellie is so cute, hoping to get more scene with her


Excellent game , Katherine ( psychologist ) scenes were amazing 

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I'm honestly SUPER pleased with the amount of effort put into the female protagonist version, even though male protagonist is the intended default (even the little details, like the lack of lesbian VR porn and the "gentle....woman." part), but it still does imply her to be more masculine than she looks (hands and 3rd person scenes say she's very femme) but most of these problems can be easily overlooked with the power of equality. Really looking forward to more of this - I'm incredibly salty about the lack of lesbian erotic content out there, and definitely the type that works for actual queer women, not just for guys.

I would however appreciate a bit more freedom of choice when it comes to Rachel, specifically sexy time with Rachel, I don't think it would bump into the story line too much.

As for selfish requests... Maybe a chance for protagonist-chan to show a more submissive side? :3 maybe even be on the opposite end of a strap-on?..

I gotta say, I got way more into it than I expected, to the point I got fanart inspiration running around in my brain.

PS: Funny how submissive Katherine turned out to be, I was honestly all "pls step on me" when I first met her.


Thanks for this post, really!

It's really hard to get some opinions on the female part other then from hetero-male players. I always found the lack of lesbian female games really... frustrating? So even though I'm writing this from a male perspective, the female MC was always meant to be there and I'm trying my best to make the story, scenes and dialogues fit for both characters.

As for Rachel, you might have noticed that there are several choices that don't change the outcome of a scene, these choices will change how Rachel (and others) will act towards you later in the game. I've actually just finished the first scene where Rachels dialogue changes slightly depending on your choices earlier in the game.

MC's submissive side will show in the future if you take the right choices, but please don't expect too much, I'm more into the opposite and the sub part is a lot of extra work^^

Kat is a little tsundere that developed some specific kinks through her "Memories". Next update will clear that up a bit ;)

Again, thx for you post, I really appreciate your thoughts!


Damn this game is great! I hope there will be more coming soon!! The graphics are very well done... Maybe you could put it on Kickstarter to be able to fund a full length game? I'm sure you'd get tons of support...

Haha, I have my doubts about that, but thanks xD

I have a patreon though, and I'm still working on it. It will be a full length game some day ;)


Loved the game cannot wait for the latest update and my favourite is Hannah the Barista I believe that's her name.


Yes, Hanna.

I had a lot of fun creating her , especially the last scene at the cafe was a lot of fun :)

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I cannot wait to see more of her and her story it is both sexy and intriguing, the way they met how shy she is when confronted about getting more work she is a masterpiece almost wish she was the main character aha.

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Hello i'm just wondering if 0.4.1 is the most recent version of the game or if there is a more up-to-date version on Patreon?


It's still the most recent version, the update should be coming next month ;)


Okay thank you for taking the time to reply to me :)


Damn this is really good. 

Usually I glaze over the story but with this one, thanks to keeping dialouge sharp and to the point, I actually read each line. 

Allowing the player to be male and female is a smart choice. Some may take issue you can only be a lesbian if you decide to play as female, but personally, I think this is a correct choice. 

Characters are really great (I love Jada. She's such a hot rebel minx) and rendered pretty well.  

No annoying music and good renders make things even better. 

I hope the gallery gets updated soon and that there will be some noises for the sex scenes. But this is worth checking out. I really do hope this is full completed. 


Agreed on everything.

Sheet, I didn't get notifications for your post, otherwise I'd have answered way earlier!

Thanks for taking the time and for your kind words. I always enjoyed good lesbian stories, and personally I think they can be way hotter then ordinary straight stuff, there are so few games out there which combine both, so this was a no-brainer for me.

As for music, I feel the same, always muted music in such games. Lewd sounds I'll have to see if I can find any good sounds. Maybe I'll even hire some VA, but they aren't cheap, and I have to watch every $ at the moment.

The gallery will get an update after 0.5 is out, I have to redo some of the code which will take some time and I didn't want it to interfere with the actual update. So there wil be a 0.5.1 or so with a fixed gallery and all the new scenes added.


Fell I  love with Ellie. Can't wait to see her full story and more of these "bad memories"


Interesting game so far.


One of my favorites so far. Can't wait to see the progress on this game  great job!


Good game, I like it


Visually excellent and a fantastic engaging story so far. Looking forward to the next update!


me to

Can't download , always


The download speed is a bit inconsistend, but it works for me, maybe the itch server had a bit trouble yesterday.


Loved the story thus far. Really curious when the next update is scheduled :D


Great game. I'm really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next update!!! :)


Where you get the character models from? XD

Anyways, good story so far, good job XD

Thx :)

I used the standard Genesis 3 base figure for almost all of them, with tons of different morphs. Only Katherine is a Genesis 8, but I don't remember which figure I used for her. The skin textures are selfmade.

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