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CAUTION! This is an adult only NSFW game!


Years ago you left your hometown after some bad events happened and you swore to never come back. As time goes by you manage to build a normal, even successful life and all the bad memories start to faint.

One day you get the chance of your life, the opportunity to work for one of the most successful companys on the market. You made a name over the years and they are ready to give you an insane amount of monthly payment (by your standards) for your work and the best thing is, you only need to visit the office once or twice a week at call. But of course there is a downside: They want you to move to the location of their office to be there as quick as possible when they call, and of course their office is in your old hometown...

About the game:

While the story can be heavy from time to time, the main focus is to tell a unique, mysterious, heartwarming, sexy, funny and sometimes really cute tale, about how life can change things and most importantly: people!

You can choose between male and female protagonist. While the male protag is hetero, the female protag is lesbian only!

The game has 4 main girls and currently 3 side characters.

This is planned as a harem game, but I've included a few options to avoid some later scenes (not that it's really necessary).

The game contains high quality images/renders and animations. I always do my best to maintain the highest possible quality within a reasonable production time.

A warning: Following the story, you'll be confronted with bad memories, there aren't many, but a few of them are heavy. They are essential for the story, but might be too heavy for some people, so I decided against visualizing them, and make them text only.

For MAC users:

If the game won't run, open the internal executable:
show package content on app - contents - macOS - open badmemories executable file
Open the terminal.
Paste (with a space at the end): xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine
Drag the app onto the terminal, so you get something like xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Users/<username>/Games/BadMemories/Bad-Memories.app

Run that command. The app should now open properly every time without needing to locate and run the internal executable.
Please note that I don't have a mac myself, all of the above is gathered from comments of other people who played the game on mac.

There's also a standalone osx version now ;)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Cute, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Mystery, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

In order to download this BM you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Bad Memories 0.7.6 win-osx-linux AIO 2 GB
Version 0.7.6
Bad Memories 0.7.6 osx 2 GB
Version 0.7.6

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Love your work! Looking forward to next version.

Hi! I have been really enjoying your game. I am a new Game Developer, and I was curious which modeling program did you use? I have been trying to find one and I have tested a few out, so I wanted to know which one you used. It's okay if you don't want to say, I am generally curious that's all.

This is a guess.
I think its DAZ3D and the models are acquired from its store.


The program is Daz3D, the models are not not from the store, but my own creation, as well as a lot of the environments.

The game engine is renpy.

Okay, thank you both. 

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Hey there! Just finished the first part of Bad Memories on Steam. Great game btw. Im curious, though, what version of the game is on steam as its not listed anywhere? I would imagine it would be kept up to date with everything else but thought I better ask. Keep up the good work!


It's the same version as here on itch. You can find the version number in-game when you go to preferences > about.

Any news on the next update?


Still working on my other game, but it's update will be soon.


This is a superb game, very well written, very erotic, and a lot of fun! Thank you!


I found a good trim apk of 1.6gb lego

Deleted 49 days ago

You can use joyplay with the pc version on Android ;)

Deleted 12 days ago

Hi, is the game still going?

It is one of the best in its genre but the proceeding is quite slow, I'm sorry


It is still going.

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I have a question, i played this game on a website and i choose to play as Jill, but during the naughty parts i have a dick and i havent seen it mentioned that this is a futanari game anywhere. Is it supposed to be like that or is this version of the game broken? I have no problem paying for the game but not if its futanari content. :D

There's no futa in the game.

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Can i DM you somehow/mail you?


is there a different version of this game where Rachel is actual mother, not step mother?




I'll expand - No, because it would not fit the story and the narrative in this game, it's tailored along the set relationships and some plot points would make no sense if the relation of characters was altered.


i rember when it wqas free :(


It was free until the dev put it on Steam, at which point he had to change the price here because Steam has issues with a game being provided on a separate platform at a different price. See the "Update News and future pricing" devlog above.

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i remember when he warned everyone a week in advance that they had their last chance to buy it on itch "for any price" before the price had to be matched to the steam price, cos steam policy.
as a return of good faith, ill buy the steam version once completed too, for full price


If you're still looking into help for the Android port due to size there are games with bigger sizes who have been able to get it to work. Might look into contacting their porter and see if they're willing to help out.

I don't know any game that's bigger than 2gb on Android. I've also had a chat with the engine developer and he told me there's currently no way to realize that within the engine :/


 Pale Carnations has a app size of 2.67 gb and things are running fine. I think you can ask whoever does their apps how they were able to make things fit. There was another game that had a 2gb size as well but I forget the name.

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pc's are for games, androids are for calling your mother on sunday evenings.

I just paid for the game here.  I wish I had known that it's

a half a game.  I had already gotten there.

That said, It's a great game.  I hope you'll update soon.


That's why it's important to read before you buy something :P

Joke aside, thanks for that and updates will come ;)

have you already started doing the next update?

I'll start once the update for my other game is out ;)

What other game, please?

Click on my profile ;)


nice really like how you games look


But you have two hands, should be easy enough to develop both of them :P

(and while I love weird shit because of, uh, all the weird shit the writing in this one is excellent. looking forward to see the plot unfold!)


I've been really enjoying this, both for it's erotic content and for the more story based aspects of it. It's been a bit comforting to see a story about trauma taken so seriously even though one might think the trauma would be handled poorly in adult content like this. Love the work BM!

Thank you, glad to hear even the more realistic parts are appreciated. It's not easy to find a good balance between that and the more naughty parts ^_^

Is android not supportive anymore??

Look a few posts further down, I've answered the same question. First post from "sukates12".

I bought the game on steam and when I launched it, it instantly gave me 100% completion on achievements because of the itch version I had been playing..

it's 100% the same game ;)

Hello, BM_Rec. I have completed the translation into Russian, how can I send it to you?

I have a discord, link on my profile ;)
I'm not going to guarantee that I'll include it in the game though, but I'll probably have someone check it.

And one more little question. If my translation appears in the game, will I be able to receive some kind of financial gratitude for my work? 50-80$. I did it not out of mercenary motives, but being one of the victims of the war on the territory of Ukraine, I want to earn money for the opportunity to continue my studies at the university.

I actually have someone working on an "official" russian version, but we will see how it goes ;)


Hello, a version for android? 

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The game got too big for android (over 2gb). I'm currently looking into possible ways to make an android version without reducing quality, but I can't promise anything.

Couldn't you just release the Version with over 2GB for Android. I mean there are Apps in Playstore with way more than 2GB of data.  (e.g. COD Mobile with nearly 15 GB) ?

Look at the apk size, not the game size.

They are a massive company, have server that can deliver content on demand, I don't have that. The engine I'm using is also quite restricted, which doesn't help either.

Sorry, my bad. Didn't think of that. It's just that people who bought the game but only have Android "lost" (bought it but have nothing from it) money until you release the Version for Android IF you find a solution.

There's still joyplay you can try, I've heard from several people that it works well.


YOOOO finally the Rachel love I've been lookin for!


i gotta say the katherine is the best character

Finished v0.7.6, its really good but dear god jada is annoying, will the katherine sex scene be uninterrupted if I replay it while ignoring jada?






No regrets about getting this game after awhile. cant wait to see whats next planed 

Hello BM_Rec, I would like to know if I can translate your game into Russian or Ukrainian and if you need it?

Go ahead if you want to do it, I don't mind ;)

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Hi BM_Rec not sure if you know of the android app JoiPlay that can play Ren'Py & RPGmaker games, I've had to use it on other games as they hit this same app problem.  


1) Get RAR & JoiPlay from app store + it's Ren'Py plug in. 

1.5) not required, open file explorer & make a custom file to store games.

2) download the PC ver of game & unpack with RAR. 

3) use your file explorer to go to where you unpacked the game & tap on the games .exe file pick JoiPlay to open. 

4) it should open JoiPlay and have filled out all the required info, just hit add & it should be good to play. 

Yes, I know about JoiPlay, but I also know that it doesn't always work properly, I had one guy complain about my game not working in JoiPlay already, and I can't do anything about it, so I can't really recommend it at the moment.

So no android update?


Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention the android build got too big, and therefore android will automatically refuse to install it, so yeah, no android version for now :/

I'm sure there will be a compressed version soon ;)

so then it's not abononaed bc I brought a game orgrianlly on Android but final was not it was tough thing 

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying.



more scenes for rachel! my balls are blue!! great quality game otherwise! definately worth the money$

i purchased this game on steam, will there be any updates there or only here?


Updates will be here and on steam at the same time.


I want to know if there is going to be more scenes with Katherine in the next update. cause I find it to short.

Maybe :P

I purchased the game for mac, but it does not work! Waste of 10$? Or is there some help?? Thanks


Look above there posts for instructions.

OK, it works! Thanks!

Brilliant! Have fun :)

new info about the next update?


No eta yet, but it's getting closer.

Yeah still not able to download on android


Hmm, works perfectly fine for me. Did you make sure it's not something with your phone?

Try a different browser and make sure you have 10Gb free at least


Hey BM_Rec I have a small question bugging my mind for a few weeks now, will there be an option to let Katherine call the main character bitch/dyke during some scennes regardless of their relationship growing more intimate, it's ah... just it gets me hot and bothered.

Anyway I said it before and I'll say it again love the game.


I'll have look if I can find a spot where it could fit.


Even if you can't find a spot just knowing you try is awesome, you're the best.


@3dcute on Twitter is so coping Ellie with there own character Effy, you really need to check it out.

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I finally got to buy this and I already finished it...fantastic. Please release the update asap, I can't wait. In the current version there is one (only one, unfortunately) scene with Jill and Jada in the bathroom, you know what I mean...any chance to have more (and more detailled) in future?


How long till the next update? This game is awesome and well worth the money but the wait is killer!


I'm on it, but no eta yet.


Thank goodness!  I was worried this had become a dropped VN.  The renders and animations are AMAZING and the story is good.  I don't know how you do the graphics but DAMN.


Thanks, the grafics are what takes most of the time^^

3dcute is copying your character Ellie with there own character Effie. Check them on Twitter. 


Looks like it's an older character, they just added pigtails in the newer version.

Hi. I wanted to buy the game paying with Paypal, as I always do, but that required to supply name, address,.. to who? Paypal already knows me.

I do not want to release my personal information; why this is happening (nevert seen before)? is there any way?

That's a question you'll have to ask itch, they collect the money, not me.

I suspect it's just a safety measure.

Probably an age verification because the content in question. As mentioned ask itch


My guess is due to eu tax.

Is there a way to buy the Steam key on itch?

Since im from germany Steam wont sell it to me T-T

Sadly not, but you can add it to your steam library nonetheless if you buy it here on itch. Maybe the steam achievements even work, who knows.

Hi, as I have the same problem (Germany), I would like to know how I can add it to steam after purchasing it here.

In steam in the top left menu, go to "games" and select "add non-steam games to my library", then select the Bad Memories folder.

Thank you, never tried it before.


Awesome  game i bought it when you first released the price tag snd its worth every penny! Cant wait for the next update... any idea when that might be yet?


Thanks, there's no eta yet, but it won't take as long as with the last update^^

Is the game finally finished? Is that why it has a price tag? Or is it not and you can get an update later after purchasing?


It's not finished yet, but once bought, you get updates for free ;)

(1 edit) (+2)

It has a price tag because it is also on Steam, and Steam has issues with content on their platform being hosted elsewhere at a different price. The game is only a 1 time purchase, and all updates will be free. If you were worried about having to pay for each update, don't be, as that won't happen. For more info, read the "Update News and future pricing" dev log above.

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