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Why the game not install ??

Loved the game so far, hope this is just 25% of the build of less because it has soo much potential, but I can see your quality man, whatever you're doing and plannig keep it up, no matter how long it takes because it's really good.
I should recommend a stand by mode where we could go to Rachel's bedroom or Ellie's or Jada to have our fun and replay the scenes while in game, really hope you're thinking on that, because it feels the story is too linear and you can't replay your favourites scenes if you don't start over (because replaying scenes in gallery is pretty bugged). Anyways, really hope you take this into consideration, I'll make you the proper donation when you finish the proyect (or at least some Rachel scenes lol) and the Rachel story side project is pretty bold, best of luck in your game OP

Thanks a lot, I'll do my best :)

What do you mean with the replay gallery is bugged? I know there is a problem with the images gallery, but the scenes gallery should work as intended.


I don't think it's bugged, just not obvious to find.

It took me far longer than I care to admit to find it. I didn't realise you could click on the stack of photos on the main menu screen

I've seen other people with the same issue, but this won't install on android. It keeps saying "app not installed" after hitting the install button. I have 12 gb of empty space, how much space does it take up once fully installed? 

Not much more then the .apk, the problem is the unpacking process where it takes a lot of space, but 12gb should be enough.

Did you enable app installation from unknown sources?

yeah I did, it's strange, I haven't had this issue with apks before.

What are you playing on? An Android phone, a Chromebook, something else?

I'm playing on an android phone, sorry for not specifying that to begin with.

Very strange then, I'd have an idea if it'd be something else...

Hmm... Could you do me a favor and try if my other game works for you? If it doesn't, then it's probably a general problem with the builds.

When is the next update coming. Eagerly waiting.

Just finished the update for my other game, I haven't even started working on the update for BM.

Let's just say it will take a while^^


I loved the story till now. Take your time and make us even happier.


Why does rejecting Ellie cause me to lose the game?


Because Ellie is the main drive of the story. Rejecting her means the story can't progress anymore.

Tbh this choice is only there to troll a few people that were basically demanding stuff to be added in the game that wouldn't make any sense.

Hey dev , if i download the game already then will the game still update to a new version ?

No it doesn't update automatically.

is not a full version yet?

No, the story is about halfway done.


What an absolutely awesome game! This game really brings the true visual novel experience to whoever is playing it! The story line is great and the characters are really lovable, especially Ellie :D. Really really good game, 11/10 :) I would definitely recommend it!! One question though, what software did you use to make the background for each render? Did you design the places in Blender? Thanks for the game and the effort you put it man! Keep it up!

Thanks a lot :)

Everything I use in my render is either a premade Daz asset (which I costomize most of the time), or stuff I made myself (in Daz).


Good game.

The overall good quality of spelling and grammar is quite a breath of fresh air compared to alot of other games. 

 I really like Katie, Ellie and Hanna. The rest, I'm not to fussy for. I wouldn't have done anything with Rachel if I had the choice, not because of the moral grey area, but just because I don't find her attractive.

The fact that you could get such smooth animations with such quality images is great! Although I personally feel that every character's skin complexion is a little too h much, especially for the teens (too many freckles, spots, moles, etc).

Looking forward to future updates!


This is the first VN to give me real hope for the genre since Acting Lessons. The characters seem real, the story is realistic and very intriguing and very A.O. The MC (male anyway) is a complete douche IMHO and even though I'm sure he has his justifications for his actions, he's a real piece of work. Quite honestly, if this all blows up in his face I would actually be happy. Of course, in a few of the cases I chose to be the douche, so maybe it's self-loathing talking. But what he has been doing to Rachel really hits a nerve for me, because of loved ones in my life who have had to be on psychiatric medication. I get his justification, but damn. That's cold. As for the therapist, I think he's giving her exactly what she wants, she just wants something she is too afraid to tell herself she wants. I'm hooked, either way, so really looking forward to the rest of Bad Memories, great job!


As someone who spent this entire lockdown turning to adult visual novels due to a lack of good rpg's avail.

This game has one of the best stories, Uniqe characters,

and fresh looking art.  The fact you can play both male or female MC is also refreshing!  Cant wait for completion!!


Great game, do you know when next version will be released?, Also what software is used to make these types of games?


I'm currently working on the update for WS, after that I'll go back to Bad Memories. Software I use for BM are RenPy and Daz3d.


This game is great! I finished it in a day. But It has one problem - Sound. It's kinda akward playing a game in complete silence, even a little background melody would mostly fix the problem. Also, It would be cool if you could reply some H scenes. It would be cool if you could do that by going into the girls room and talking to her. Thanks for the great game, waiting updates with exictement!

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I'm kinda freaked out about the whole touching her when she is on her meds thing. Did not even give me the choise not to. Really killed the fun.


Look at it from the MC's perspective, it's revenge.

The game is far from being finished though, and I have the plan to include some alternatives ;)


i understand that. But at some point its coming close to sexual assault. I enjoyed the game despite this. I'm just saying MC is walking a fine line and i dont want to be there when he falls te wrong way.

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Really? I was hoping you could abuse rachel like his dad did. Heh.. To each their own I guess.


thats rape bro....


So? Its a game.. If I want soft loving sex I will go to my girlfriend :p I want some schock value.

Alguien me puede decir cuando sacarán más contenido 

Muy buena historia Me encantó Espero Pronto saquen Mas A los que ya terminaron Si se Termina cuando jada se queda a vivir en la casa? ¿Hasta ahí va la historia o Continua descargando algo?


Hey nice game.

Wont install on my 2 phone, im pretty sure its compatible to my mobile devices but for some reason the apk just wont install, i think its corrupted or somethin...

I tried the android version two times and it worked on my phone. I have honestly no idea why it doesn't work for some people.

The only thing I can recommend is to make sure you have (more then) enough space and no previous versions installed.

...and allow installation from unknown sources. This game is not available on the google store, so you'll have to aktivate it.


Really love your game


Nice game bravo

I tried installing the android version, after downloading it, I began installing and after 60%-ish of it is done. It said app not installed. I uninstalled the installer and tried again but got same results. Any ideas on a solutions? 

If you have the previous version installed, deinstall it and then try again. If not, you might need more space (double to three times the size of the .apk) for the installation precess to finish.

I haven't played the game yet. I have around 8gb of free space in my internal storage so I should be fine. I have a different renpy game installed, maybe that's the cause. 

it shouldn't. 8gb isn't much, not sure how much temp space android needs to unpack stuff, so maybe you need more. I'm just guessing here, 'cause most of the time when someone wasn't able to install, the problem was low storage.

Same problem

I don't know if it's only for me

But my download gets canceled on android

Works for me.


TBH i'm curious to see the flashbacks without smoke. Anyway I appreciate how the game is absolutely not focused on eroticism, but actually focuses on the story. Compliments

Can you please tell me what the 5.1 bring a new? I didn't really noticed anything from the end of 5.0.  Maybe is a change i am to blind to notice.

It's some bug fixes and the gallery. See the dev log for more information.

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So far i'm totally loving it, but there's no music. not really a big deal, but I saw the options for it so I was wondering if there was something I needed to do to get it working. I've just arrived at the school for the first time, other sounds seem to work fine (One scene in the bad hotel)

Edit: Does the tp shortage refrence predate covid? I laughed way too hard


Haha yes it was ;)

Sound is not that important to me and I have to search for license free stuff which costs time I prefer to invest into the content. I'm adding soundseffects relatively sparse, because of that, but I will add more.


The best game I've played so far. The art Is beautiful, really. The first +18 game that i liked. Because, it has an amazing story. The game Is not just porn or that stuff, it comes with a story that anyone would love. Looking forward for the next update. I'm also thinking in donating. I know the developer of this game Is one person, so it Will help him alot. Marvellous game. I have no words to show my gratitude towards the development/developer. Thanks for this masterpiece! Also, don't over stress yourself. We will wait patiently till the next update!


Love your game. Can you also provide an compressed file link for later versions, would really appreciate that.


Hurry up and give us a damn update! Just kidding, great story and amazing graphics, beautiful story line. Take your time and keep up the good work, can't wait for the next update!


I love your game, and I can't wait to see where the story goes. Please take your time and don't overwork yourself.


Great game, probably the best of its kind. Looking forward for updates

So Bm-Rec are you already working on 0.6 and when do you think its going to come out


Yes and no, I'm currently working on the gallery, but before I start working on the next major update, I'll make the next update for my other game, so expect a few months to pass until the next update for BM.


A very good looking game. Some of the renders are breath taking.

Looking forward to future updates. (Hopefully soon)


Always "game over" too soon ;) Loving it so far :D


Dude I delete the game because I don't think it'll be updated anytime soon and it's updated.  ...I guess I almost had enough patience.  Almost.

can i dowload only the update? because i want to continue the story for the last scene where i was

renpy keeps the old saves, so you can simply overwrite the game. BUT if you're on android, look one post further down.


how many days are in the game right now?

8 plus the three intro days.

thank you! cant wait to see more!

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hi love your game but the version for android won't install idk if its a issue with my phone or maybe the code but it downloads the apk file but then won't download the app please any help thanks

Yeah I'm having the same issue galaxy note 9. First time I tried to install it didn't recognize it then tried again and it seemed to be working but came up with app not installed at the end. Do I need to delete the original first? Pretty sure that will delete the saves


you can backup your save files and delete the previous version, then install the new version and copy the save files over.

Save file location: SD(or internal):/Android/data/bad.memories/files/saves/

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ha thanks just did this and was about to comment the same thing. works fine. 

Morales225286 use a file explorer to go to the location they stated /\ (i used es file explorer. copy the save files and put them in a back up folder then delete the game and install the new version. After that start the new game make a quick save and then go back to the file explorer and replace the new save files with your old backed up ones. Don't know how much of that was obvious wasn't intending to be condescending by just stating it all, but thought it better stated than not.

if you have the previous version installed, try deinstalling it and then install the new version.


Yo great update cant wait to see more scenes with jada ellie racheal and more keep working hard BM_Re


Yo Bm_Rec it took a long time but its finally out ive been waiting for this

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