BM Update 0.5.1

Update 0.5.1 is here,
there are no new scenes, but as promised, some fixes and a working gallery plus some extra content (unused images, render experiments with the game's characters, etc.).

Sadly I had to change a lot of the gallery code, so for some of of the scenes you'll have to restart the game to show in the gallery.
To see the special content, you'll have to finish the game (the current version), which unlocks the content in the gallery.


- fixed gallery
- added "special content"
- bug fixes
- reworked the main menu (it will also stay in place now when you use the font size and line spacing slider)
- fixed some minor errors in the new scenes
- re-rendered some older render
- probably some other stuff I already forgot...

Files 736 MB
May 24, 2020 718 MB
May 24, 2020
bad.memories-0.5.1.apk 763 MB
May 24, 2020

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When is the next actual update?

I'm having an issue installing. When I install it on my android it says app not installed and I deleted the last update.

Maybe you don't have enough space left? You'll need roughly 3-4 times the space of the .apk


I have made some room. I will try again.