BM Update 0.6

BM update 0.6!

Alright, first of all I wasn't able to upload any of the files directly to itch, it always gave me an error, so there are only external links for now.
The game is really close to itch's filesize limit, so maybe that's the problem... or it's just my stupid "%&*$ing slow internet :(
I'll request to up the limit and upload the files directly again next month when I have some more mobile data again...

Okay, back to the important part: The update!

I had some trouble during the developement, some on the technical side, some self caused. I wasn't able to include all of the scenes I wanted, but added more in placed where I hadn't planned new scenes and also reworked some of the older scenes.
I've made some important code changes, some for the gallery and some in the early stages in the game, so I highly recommend to start a new game with the update!


- new scenes...

- ~400-500 new render

- 25 new animations (~1300 render)

- lot's of fixes and code changes

- changed a lot in the gallery, so old scenes/saves might not work correctly in the new version

- re-rendered some older scenes

- changed some older scenes, added a short extra scene in the beginning

- new special render

- too much stuff to remember all of it^^

Hope you have fun, stay safe!



BM 0.6 PC
Nov 07, 2020
BM 0.6 MAC
Nov 08, 2020
BM 0.6 Android
Nov 08, 2020

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Hi Rec,

thanks for developing this great game. I just finished it on "" and I am really amazed and excited about the story and the visual design.

Therefore I want to give you a short feedback.

Negative points first: For me there was a bit too much sex/physical engaging and too little story in the last parts.

Now my positive highlights: the get-to-know of the characters and the emotional bond players develop during the game. Its not just sex with a body but with a realistic person. I really liked the story and that there is a main quest but also little side paths. Its a great ensemble.

I am looking forward for further content and would be grateful if you could answer a few more questions the game has posed so far. E.g. what is the background of the drug Rachel takes? How has the main characters father died? Who burned the apartment building? Is there a group behind that? Why does Ellie not speak to us? etc. In the meantime my fantasy is going wild XD

Best regards and good ideas,



Thanks a lot! :)

To your questions:
The drugs Rachel takes are basically an anti-depressants, but not the usual ones, they're experimental, not available on the market and of course prescription based. Only people with a known case of deep depressions can get these pills and only if a shrink oversees the process regularily.
Regarding the burned apartment: you can hear about it in the news, I know there are some conspiracy theories that Ellie or Rachel might have something to do with it, but that's not the case ;)
To the rest of the questions: No comment :P
They will be answered in future updates and I'm not going to spoiler anything here^^


Awesome, looking forward to it

It looks like the .6 file took.


Aren't those the .6 files, on itch?


They are, I swapped them before I made the post.

 are you oki? i hope so, just wanted to say thanks for what ya do. 


I'm good, thanks^^