V 0.7 is Live!

Here we go!

It took a while longer than expected and it got bigger than expected, but here it is: V0.7!

Here are some numbers if you mind that kind of stuff:

- 1295 new Render

- 47 new Animations

- I-don-know-how-many new scenes with all the girls

- Completely new map

- I've changed some very early scenes and added some choices

- Small UI changes

- bug fixes

I'd recommend that you either start a new game, or at least start early in the morning from day 9 (the last day in the previous version), so you won't miss any future scenes.

Alright, I don't want to keep you, go play the game and have fun ;)


Bad Memories 0.7.6 win-osx-linux AIO 2 GB
Version 0.7 Sep 24, 2021

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Bought it here in itch and could never load up the MAc version to play always an error.....   This makes me sad   Raydos


Did you try via itch launcher?

If that doesn't work:
show package content on app - contents - macOS - open badmemories executable file.

or to get it to open permanently without the above fix:

Open terminal.
Paste (with a space at the end): xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine
Drag the app onto the terminal, so you get something like xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Users/<username>/Games/BadMemories/Bad-Memories.app
Run that command.
The app should now open properly every time without needing to locate and run the internal executable.</username>


Just finished playing through the new content, and was wondering if the greenhouse scene was supposed to  be that dark. Other than that, the story is developing nicely, and I can't wait to see what's in store for later.

That depends on your monitor I guess, I used full srgb spectrum to make sure it's lit properly, but of course conversion and if your monitor or screen can't do the full color range or just has bad contrast or brightness it will look a little different/darker than it should.

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thanks for the reply and the information, ill try adjusting settings and see if that helps at all.

Edit: After tweaking my GPU settings a bit, the greenhouse scene looks much better, it was just my contrast and gamma were set a bit lower due to some other games I play. Keep up the good work!


Finally. YEY