Weird Shit 0.3 Update

Welp, this took a little bit longer than expected, I had some trouble with uploading and then noticed a bug, so I had to upload twice >_>

Anyway, the upload is finished, this time on mega since I'm reaching the upload limit here on itch.
This is the biggest update for WS so far, the content probably doubled.


- ca. 1k new images, 6 new animatons
- lots of new scenes
- improved overall performance, especially for the 4k Version
- added upper floor
- 2 new girls (3 if you count the girl introduced at the end of day 3)
- added the show/hide textbox option I use in BM
- fixed grammar and engrish

Hope you have fun with it ;)


Jun 28, 2020
Jun 28, 2020
Jun 28, 2020

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y the sound not working or the music?

there is none, it's a early release, so sound is not included yet.

oh ok how long will it be for it till then?

I don't know, sound has really low priority for me.


it would be nice to have em but if not ok 


This is like the TV show Lost - every episode asks as many questions as it answers!

Loving it so far though, looking forward to more (after the next BM update, of course!).

i updated game threw  itch app but isnt  showing up date while in game. halp

update isnt letting me update , says its from third party website. plz fix

because it is a third party app. You have to allow "install from unknown sources" then it should install.

Do you know where that option is in the app?  I always just figured the App simply wasn't integrated with Mega, and you have to manually keep games hosted on Mega up to date.  (Which is a hassle)

Oh wait, you where talking about the itch app, sorry, I thought you were talking about the android app.

The problem is that I had to upload the game on mega due to its filesize getting too big for itch :(