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CAUTION! This is an adult only NSFW game!

Your parents are dead, they died in a car accident and you were the driver. This happened about a year ago and you've fully recovered from your injuries by now. Life goes on, but the company you worked for doesn't exist anymore and you have some serious trouble finding a new workplace. To make things worse, you still have to pay the loan for the funeral of your parents and for the damage your accident caused. Money starts to grow slow when suddenly a letter from your estranged grandmother arrives.

Weird shit is going to happen!

This is a little side/fun project I'm working on when ever I have the time. The main story is build around a lot of little side storys. The idea is to build a Harem with girls you meet in these side storys.

I do some experiments here and there, to try and make it unique, that's also true for the story.

The games images are made with HS, so it's not on par with my other project, but I do my best to make it look as good as possible.


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Development log


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Can't wait for the next part. Truly invested in this story.


Any updates


I'll get back to WS once the update for my other game is out.


Cool thanks for the reminder 


Considering how often the Orc girl "does her thing", adding impregnation to the story for certain characters (or all) would be really nice.


Well... you certainly didn't lie with that title :D but I enjoyed it very much so far.


Really hope this doesn't get forgot about, one of my favorites.


Don't worry, it wont get forgotten, I'm still working on the other game update though.

always wanted to ask you, plural, with what program are the models and environments being made, I don't think you photoshop all into the pictures,...


It's mostly Honey Select (Studio Neo) with tons of mods. Some environments are selfmade, but most of them are mods. The moded assets come from several other programs like Blender, Daz3D, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.


sweet job you did. It must take a ton of time to make such game, it is not something easily done, so you must have a lot of experience in using these tools....

I don't have that much experience, but I have used other similar tools in the past, mostly as a hobby.

Loving the game so far, Any chance of adding a play as female option for MC in future updates?

I have no plans to add a female MC in this game, it's just a small side project and adding another MC would be too much work/cost too much developement time :(


Oh okay. I appreciate the reply though <3

what fetishes are/will be included?


some optional bdsm stuff, but I'm not sure yet about the rest.

Ok well, I keep following but would love to see a roadmap, before i look at patreon etc


A roadmap for this game is kind of impossible, I could tell you where the story is going and how it's going to end depending on your decisions (I could, but I won't spoiler^^), but this game is a little side/fun project for me where I put all the crazy ideas and experiments that I can't put in my main project, so the main story isn't even really the main focus, the fun part is everything in-between and that's not really fixed.

thats fair. will there be non consent/corruption and if there is going to be incest will it be skipable? (for either of your games?)


Yes, yes and kind of maybe xD
(Seriously, I'm not going to spoiler :P)

(6 edits)

in addition to the possible future fetish the dev mentioned, the fetishes included so far include :
harem, inter-dimensional incest, tentacle-monster-rape, monster-girls, brainwashed girls, voyeurism ...
and judging by the title, which i choose to take literally, i will be disappointed if there is not green coloured, jesus shaped feces at some point or another :D 
love your work dev, weird shit is indeed happening in tis game, and its not just restricted to the sexy stuff
*Edit: by 'brainwashed', i dont mean 'abused mindless slave', without making a spoiler, its more like a 'protected from the realities of the world' kinda thing, i think that distinction is important


Haha, thanks, I guess you could say I chose the title wisely xD


Some small bugs I noticed.

One question never shows. Line 173 in d1.rpy:

"How many staff are left?" if seenOnce2 and seenOnce3:


"How many staff are left?" if seenOnce2 and not seenOnce3:

The game doesn't end. Changed in d2.rpy (lines 843-845):

scene red with slowdissolve

scene theend1 with dissolve

mc "No! I let her die..."


scene red with slowdissolve

mc "No! I let her die..."

jump theEnd

Nara should lose sl and not Iggdra. Line 46 in d4.rpy:

$ i_sl -=1


$ n_sl -=1

Liv should gain sl and not Laurie. Line 447 in d6.rpy:

$ l_sl +=1


$ o_sl +=1

Thanks for a very fun game!



great game though i just started playing it but i got the first bad end and it was great XD

Wait what, i didn't even know there was a bad end...


at the beginning just keep pestering Eva in the car its pretty funny

ikr, i was pmsl hitting that button over n over again.. lost it big time :D 


Hey BM, great game so far. Really interested to see where you take it from here. Keep up the good work

Thanks, will do my best :)

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Sadly, I think I know where this story is going, but I am hopefully wrong. I have read similar before (I am ancient, and have read many stories,) but it would be a great twist to be wrong. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. (just got to the second Eva sat at the desk part.) This thing the mum has to do with the MC is very weird, but, if I am getting the story correctly, understandable.  I am going to keep on playing till the end! Thank you for the entertainment BM_Rec

Thanks, we'll see if I can surprise you^^

OK,  Thank you. Looking forward now to the next instalment. I have finished this one. Just one questions if OK. What package do you use to create your characters with? I  don't mean the text, but the graphics, especially of the "people." Thanks for the reply. 

I'm using a heavily modded version of Honey Select Studio Neo.

(3 edits)

Hi I hope you don't mind feedback but I have noticed a few error's in the story it starts when *" VENARI  "* comes crashing into the hotel room and # TREAD # is used instead of ( TREAT ). NIRA my lady had extensive training by the healing church to tread wounded knights, I also tuck a few screen caps so you can see the errors

Yours Mr GaTeZ.

No need for a massive post of screen caps^^
Someone told me about the errors already and they'll be fixed in the next update. Thanks though, it's almost impossible to find every single error no matter how often you look at it.

By the way I blame the other guy over there, it has absolutely nothing to do with me not being a native english speaker^^

its not a problem  at all im just glad I could be of serviceand if you need any help proof reading it that's fine since covid hit here in the UK almost a year ago now I gave yo through over 250 odd visual novels so I tend to notice even the errors and gave given feedback on at least 10 V.N.'s so far  


Just finished the game. Interesting story so far. Cant wait to see where the story goes. I'm for sure following BM_Rec now for updates. Keep up the good work

Thanks a lot :)

Can someone help me i cant continue the game after i type my name its not freezing it just doesn't go forward tried reinstalling 3 times still doesnt work im on android btw plz help

Sounds like an old renpy issue, I thought that was fixed a long while ago...

What usually worked is switching to the google keyboard when entering the name.


Welp that did it, this is weird shit btw "pun intended" thnx for the quick reply  was dying to play the new update for days, love ur games please keep creating weird shit...... Thnx again. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Downloaded the PC/Windows version, and I was curious if the game supposed to have sound at all? If not that's fine, just used to these having sound, but the only sound I can get to come out of the game is the voice assistant. So I was curious if I needed to attempt to reinstall or not.


There's no sound at all yet, there will be in the future, but it's not my top priority.

(1 edit) (+1)

Good to know! Thanks for the reply mate. Been loving both of your games, keep up the good work!

OK, so i'm curious about one thing. The part after you try to ask eva about your little sister. The giant disk platform area, was this inspired from Devil May Cry 4? or Is it just strangely familiar to it? It's really bugging me not to know.

The engine is quite restricted and I have to take what I get, so it's possible that it's quite similar. In that case it's not on purpose though.

I do have a lot references to other games hidden and if you look closely you might notice parts of Dante's office in one scene ;)

Hey Dev, 
Please note that there are some issues with the Re'npy's latest software update 7.4.2 as I got to know it from a wonderful developer who patiently helped me out with this issue. So, please if you are using Re'npy software to develop your game &  planning to release your latest update, then please first downgrade your software to version 7.3.5 and then release it. 
Also note that if you are going to release the  upgrades to your game using the new software and if an individual downloads & installs it, the game will not only not work but your old saved games won't work either. So before releasing it you need downgrade the software to version 7.3.5 and then release.
I had to reset my phone and lose my saves from all the games that were installed in my phone just so that we could come up with this conclusion of mine. I wouldn't want any other patron or other players to go through the same process. I'd request you to explain this situation to the Re'npy developers team and get this sorted out.

Note: This is my experience purely based on Android phone with Android version 11. I cannot vouch for any other software or OS.
Thank you for hearing me out.

Thanks for the hint, I know about some people having problems with the new renpy version, the renpy developer knows this as well.
There's a fix for it already though and I didn't have any problems in my tests so far.

(1 edit)

I think the problem majorly persists for Android 11 version users... That's just my hypothesis... Soon anyone who has or will update to Android 11 version will face a similar issue....

correct, it's an android 11 problem, that's what I tested it on though.

This version of Android is really a pain in the rear.... I'm just tired of it....๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

Hey Dev, is this version made in Re'npy 7.3.5....

Any word from support yet? I miss your games.

Still nothing, but I've just read that they fixed the bug that caused the "add external files" to not work, so I'll wait until friday and if I don't have an answer by then I'll add external links...

Hey Dev, I installed this game, it opens, but when i press start it doesn't respond at all.... Any clue as to why????

If it's android it might take a bit to load, but other than that I have no clue, that's nothing that has been reported before.
Maybe something went wrong with the download, did you try reinstalling/redownloading the game?

Yes, I tried downloading/Installing/ Uninstalling 4 times, but it opens and is just showing the introduction page where you have the options start preference etc. But when I try to press the start or any other options, nothing happens???? I was really looking forward to play this, My phone is a Pixel 4 XL and I don't have any issues with the space... I've still got 80 GB free.... 

That's some weird shit indeed...

Nobody ever reported anything like that and I honestly have no clue what could cause it atm.
I have an update ready though that uses a newer engine, maybe that one will work for you.
I hope I can upload the new version in a few days, I'm just waiting for the support to give me a bit more space for the upload.

Awesome, thanks man...

Is the game updated now or still not?

Yes, but still not on itch, I'm still waiting for the support to get back to me regarding the filesize. I haven't hard anything from them for two weeks now...

Can you just find somewhere else to put it up then have  the link posted in the comments of this or something it's better then waiting


I can and that's what I did last time, but I'm going to wait a few more days. I have really bad internet and everytime I have to upload something it's a huge pain in the... I want to avoid uploading twice.


Makes sense hopefully there team gets off there asses and helps ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ


I found this game a while back and was surprised that you made both the games I really enjoy. Thanks for always putting quality in your games.

Is 0.4 out yet? I see it in some websites but not here, cant download it from the other websites as it requires premium account to download and free download is way too slow.

Yes it's out since yesterday, but I need more space to upload it here since it's bigger than the max upload size allowed on itch. I asked the support to up the limit and I'm still waiting for an answer at the moment :/

I don't know where you found it, but where I released it you don't need a premium account. You can also get it on my subscribestar page, but the links are only visible for subscriber.

Umm is end soppost be sleeping with princess mira other girls in room ? Feel story short for free version

Short for free version? รด_O

Well I don't no ending soppost to end meeting princess mc world none less fighting in the room


Uhm... In development means just that.  In Development.  Game isn't finished, where it currently stops isn't the end.  (and most likely isn't anywhere near the end).

And considering the developer is still posting quite frequently, it hasn't been abandoned while in development either.

oh ok just curious I think I play 6-7 months ago I was wondering if script was done with free version cause same ending I did play week ago was same ending when I play 6-7 months ago I can't remember which months cause I playing other patreon game I don't pay attention anymore

The new version is not up here yet, I'm waiting for the support to get a bigger filesize limit, until then I can't upload it.

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@BM_Rec, I love your work it has humor, intriguing story, beautiful scenes and overall the best experience of gameplay. If you guys want to try this game just do it no need to think , and Bad Memories is another great game by the same creator.  There is one more noteworthy game "Ripples" try it everyone.


You mean Bad Memories don't you?


Yep, you're right. Edited it

Is there an update yet bro


Soon, no exact eta yet, but it will most likely come out this month ;)

thanks bro

are we there yet? ;)


Probably by the end of the week ;)

Not yet out? Been waiting for 6 months!

I'm a one man developer and this is a side project, what do you expect? Some kind of magic?

Just curious but when is the next update for this game or BM?

I've just started working on the update for WS, after I'll head back to the next BM update.


as if my life is not weird enough... but looking forward to the release, WS is a fascinating take on the porn VN genre.

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I love this and BM. Both are definitely worth downloading.

I know you use HS for images but what about programming and writing? I ask cause I think I might try my hand at making a game myself but don't know where to start.

Thanks, I use renpy and good old notepad++ for coding and writing^^

i am having a problem updateing the game, the zip file is not valide and i was wondering if it there is a whey to fix it?

Try downloading again.

i have redownloading it more then 10 times and it dose not work sadly

did you try deinstalling the game before installing the update?

i just deinstallt the game and it will not alowe me to install the game agian

You might need more space, to install you need double to three times the space of the actual game.

Is it me or other experience the typhos is out of the box?

Do you mean typos? ^^

(1 edit)

yes they are not in the box they are upside in the box 

And i can't  read them

(1 edit)

Here i get a screen shot for my problem. And its entire game the typos is in here until i got the ending for this ver.

(1 edit)

Go to the menu, preferences, deactivate show text box ;)

Any idea when the next update is? Trying to decide if I should leave it on my phone or not lol

When you see the update for my other game pop up, you'll know that the update for this game is close ;)


Loving both this and BM, but still kinda wonder how the scheduling for this works for each game i know you recently lost a GPU so it just my curiosity asking.

Also my review on this game is im amazed and confused constantly playing it,  so many theory's the MC is showing some interesting promise as for story telling. (I honestly can't wait for the next update  for both this and BM both are great games with interesting storys)

Thx :)
I do one update after the other, so BM first, then WS. This time thoug I'm thinking about releasing an early version of the BM update and keep working on it until I reach the point where the update actually should end, because I'm far behind shedule :/

Why are all new games on here use MEGA? My androids not compatible. 

it's too big to upload here :(

You mention images are made with HS, what is HS? hehe

Honey Select




still cant update game  threw itch app on windows pc, and cant download it from website without creating and using that cloud data thing. ( dont wanna)


Okay, I've added an alternative download for pc, let's see if that works.

MC's face is kinda off putting for some reason...one part is that he looks quite old compared to the default age. 

That's a general problem with HS, the options for male creation are very basic, there's not much I can do.
Look at other games with HS and you'll see that most of the males basically look the same :(

Yo when is the next update? I already finished this version lol, need the next update lol!


Sorry for the late answer, I'm working on my other game atm, when the update for that is out, I'll go back to this one.


I know this is a side project for you.  How far do you plan to expand it?  While I'm really enjoying BM, the weirdness of this one is appealing.   Just get some taller women. :)


Let's say I have a plan for the ending and a few scene's, but everything in between is totally open and the ending won't be end of the game ;)


I just started this one, and it is definitely living up to its name.  Good stuff.

Have you put any more time into this recently? I know it was supposed to be a side project but it was really good!


I'm currently working on it ;)




Definitely interesting.Looking forward to some new content.๐Ÿ‘


Interesting little game, looking forward to seeing more :)