WS 0.4 Update!

So it's finally here, the biggest update for WS to date!

This time we will learn a little bit more about the stuff that's going on in the hotel (but not too much ;P), you'll have the chance to get a little bit closer to Eva and there's a new girl in town.

I'm still waiting to get an answer from itch support regarding the filesize limit (3 weeks by now), so for now there are only external links until I can upload bigger files, sorry for that.
Android users sadly have to wait a little bit longer since my data volume is gone for this month (yes, poor me has such a shitty internet that I have to use my mobile to upload bigger files ;_; ).

There was a major update to the engine I'm using, the bad news is that win xp is no longer supported (but honestly who uses that by now anyway? If you do, it's well about time to upgrade!). On the bright side the animations run much more smoothly and the overall performance went up as well.

I had to fiddle with a few variables that made saves from v0.2 incompatible with the new version (you can still use them, but will miss some scenes and have to click through some error messages), but saves from 0.3 will still work properly.
The reason for that is that I was stupid and switched variables in 0.3 where. I noticed that when working on 0.4, I need the value to trigger some scenes, so I had to get it over to another variable, but since both variables don't exist in 0.2 it will throw errors :/

Anyway, I hope you have fun with this update. Stay safe everyone ;)

v0.4 Changelog:
- new scenes
- 1140 new images
- 43 new animations
- improved code and performance
- added the actual upper floor map
- 1 new girl (last of the main cast)
- 1 new room
- added some engrish for your convenience :P


Feb 19, 2021
Feb 19, 2021

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