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Is there a Walk thru, if so where can i get it?

There is non, at least none that's correct.

Just go with your guts, all the branching decisions are quite obvious and there's no real "wrong" decision, it's mostly a matter of taste.

Thank you!

There is, check Mejoress

is that a Person or Site or Entity?

That's exactly the one I meant with "none that's correct" ;)

Haha, I didn't notice that. It's a site, just google it.

i hope one day you can finish the history


I will, update is coming closer and closer ;)


take as long as you need long as the update is good ill wait as long as it takes.


Interesting story so far and the animations are really nice! Can't wait for an update :)


This is a well-made game and I can't wait for more updates just went and bought it on steam more than worth it. Can't wait to see what direction you decide to take the game and any others you make.


I like the story of this game and the main girl is just really adorable. I want to see where this game goes. I don't care how long it takes for an update, I just wanna see what the characters will do in future updates. So I'll be patient and wait for it in the future. And for now, I rate Bad Memories a 4/5.

do you have a discord?

Yes, look at my profile ;)


Great story and good animation. Can't wait for the next chapter.


Just so you know that  if your game wasn't a NSFW game i'd still play it, the story, the characters it's just , i love everything around it, it's absoloutely amazing !

Lol, thanks, glad you like it^^


i Would love to play ur new game on steam but steam says NOPE not for ur country ma man


The update will include everything that's currently in the steam version and more ;)




When is the next update?


still no definitive idea, rendering goes super slow >_>
I'll get some new hardware soon though.

man I can't wait!!!

Just out of curiosity, how much computing power does rendering take? What kind of specs do you have now and how long does it take to render a scene?


It depends on the scenes, some scenes take 10 minutes, some take 3 hours. Most of the indoor scenes need at least an hour to finish (usually longer). If I'm lucky and find a HDRi (that's basically just a 360° background image with light information in it) that fits an outdoor scene and there aren't many people in the scene it will take 10 to 20 minutes, but that's very few scenes so far :/

I have a 2080Ti at the moment and since I'm using iray (which is a biased render engine made by nvidia) to render the images, I need an nvidia grafics card, which is also what determines the rendering speed.
I had another card previously which I used in combination with the current card, but it died, so I'm roughly at half the rendering speed I used to have.
It was the third card that died on me since I make these type of renders btw :/


Damn well i know you got it! Keep us posted when you are close to the done with the update.


Rec it does not matter take as much time as you need. Thank you for making this and letting us all play it. Its a really good game. I look forward to the update and check just to see 3-4 times a week. Thank you for making it. Much respect.

Thank you :)

I not speak english but the your VN is so interesting, muy maravillosa y con mucho potencial sigue esforzandote y gracias 

Thank you :)


Hi, I just bought your game on Steam... 2.5 hours ago and I didn't even notice how time passed. It's just... feels so... I don't have the right words, but it's amazing. 

I'll be waiting for the next update... O_O Keep up the good work, man, you're great at it.

Thanks a lot, I'll do my best :D

I bought your game on Steam, I am happy to show my support for your project. Do you already know the story or is it developing? Eager for an update.

thanks a lot :)

I have the base story and several scenes layed out, but there are several scenes "along the way" that I haven't thought out yet, and I tend to come up with new stuff every once in a while. The workout scene with Rachel for example was actually planned as a short intermedate scene to go from one major scene to the next, but it turned into a major scene itself while I was working on it.


one of my favorite VN on here you did a fantastic job and I cant wait for the next update :)))


Thanks a lot :)


I LOVE this story I'm hooked I need more! When is update???


Thanks and soon...ish^^


Is there a reason that the Steam version is $9.99 CAD and the version is free ? Is the Steam one more up to date ?


The steam version has a few extras that will be in the update and some small steam specific changes, it's not much, so if you've played the free version it's not really worth buying the steam version unless you want to support me.
The main reason for the steam version is to gain a bit more support, but they don't like links to patreon/etc. on their platform, so it's more or less a workaround.


Hey man! Impressive work, I really like it and I think it would be great to join you working on the game. I'm sound producer and would like to work with a sound, music and dialogues as well. Let me know if you interested in.


Thanks a lot, and also: lol, I'm actually working on the soundtrack at the moment. I'm definitely no pro, but I enjoy doing it^^

Nice :) I could help You with arranging and/or mixing it, if You want :P

Won't be necessary, but thanks. I might need a little help with that for my future project though, which is going to be a bit more "dynamic" ;)

Sure, let me know, then :P


Nice game, also Ellie reminds me of the staring at the camera cat meme specially when you open the game lol


How is this going? is there any news on a new version at some point?


working on it, no news yet.


lm not new here but This game it is just art keep the good work

Whats up with the new feed? it didnt say anything.

New feed?

yeah 6 hrs ago i got a new feed.

No idea, I didn't post anything here ô_O


whens the next update?


Dude i don't know why but when i play this game,I feel at peace.It's a work of art.You deserve a freaking medal.


I've really enjoyed the quality of production by phillygames, perverteer and dr. pink cake, but the quality and love that you put into your work is truly remarkable. I'm learning to model/texture/etc. in Blender and use Daz, and I can honestly say that your content quality is the target that I would want to aim for. Simply immaculate. Keep up the great work!


Thank you, it's really nice and refreshing to read such a comment once in a while, I'm always doing my best to deliver quality and not just quantity, sadly a lot of people don't realize that making quality takes time, a lot of comments I read are people complaining about long update times. I think it's something you can only truly apprechiate when you do something like that yourself and I really hope you'll reach what you aim for.

Again, thanks for your words, I'll do my best to keep it up :)

is this game complete or just havent been worked on in a while?

It's not complete and it's actively worked on.

So when is the next update coming out?

No date yet, sorry.

Dang well i cant wait for you too. what plans do you have for the new update?


Well the plan is to get day 10 and 11 done, not a 100% sure I can get all of it done in a relativelydecent amount of time, so I might push some parts of it to the next-next update. One scene I can mention without spoilering too much is probably the date with Hanna, for everything else you'll have to wait and see ;)

Im so confused now which one i need to download.. between 0.6 or 0.6 (ARM64)?.. what are the difference between that?

It's processor dependant, if you don't know try the normal one, if that doesn't work try the arm64^^

Nice game, enjoyed it, but I was wondering if it will have sound on the erotic scenes later on =)

Thanks, it will have more sounds, but for the lewd stuff only if I can find anything that sound good enough.


One of the best VN games I've played.

Thanks for developing it. <3

Can't wait for the next update. I was so disappointed when it was suddenly ready. I know ale wsrtem on the next update but what interests me is if version 0.6 is really the newest.


You know what exactly? ô_O

Yes 0.6 is the newest version.


What do you mean by:"You know what exactly?" 

Your sentence, I don't understand it^^


yeah i was wondering about that "I know ale wsrtem on the next update.... " as well.


im having enough trouble understanding the first sentence, if one tries to put it in context, it becomes nonsensical too lol 

when come the next update

does this have ntr? pls let me know before I hop into this


Simply put, no. With the way the story has progressed there is no logical path for ntr to happen.   


Every single day I come here to check for new updates! Lol miss this story so much! Hope you're getting closer to a new update, but no hurry! I just love your work so much! Lol


You could check my discord, I post updates, news and teasers more frequently there.

Can you please add a link to the discord on here thanks?


You just need to click on my profile^^

hey i have a question when is the next update comming?

I've answered the same question 2 days ago, just two posts further down ;)


oh sry did not see it


I love the game! I just was wondering, I finished the game twice with both genders but I cannot play Rachel's Story for some reasons. Is it a bug or is it because it's not actually implemented yet?

It's not implremented yet, it's just there so people know that ther will be more in the future^^

The last updates come every 6 month. This is a good rythm! Take your time and make sure you are happy with all. We will wait for your awesome game. Thank you for the beautiful grafics and the story. 


Thanks :)
6 months was actually quite long, it's usually not that long, but I had some hardware problems + the corona situation didn't make things easier :/


Take your time and make sure you are happy with the new chapter 😊 it's done when it's done. Don't rush! This game is one of the best in the genre.

Next week it will be 6 month :D take your time! this game is one of the best here on! 

Only really 6 month if you ignore my other game which got an update in january. I'm working on the BM update since february ;)

hello very good game! when do they upload updates?


Thanks, updates come when they are ready, I'm currently working ot it, but I'm still far from being done.



one of the few games on here where the story is just as interesting as the erotic scenes, great job

I love the game but I had a bug in the new version, for some reason my sex was changed to female hehehe and I don't know why?


Does that mean you're Nicole Wolf now? xD

Joke aside I haven't had any reports of that happening, was it for the whole game or just a few scenes?

It was during the scene where you return from visiting Magg for the first time and when you return home, you find Rachel and you notice something strange in her attitude but you do not give it importance and you go to the bathroom where Jada is, there is a scene H

I am from Android. 

your game is still beautiful my friend, each character has a unique beauty and that you have created it with Daz3D impresses me more.


Thanks, I'll have a look at it, was it both dialogue and images or just one of them?

In dialogue I'm not sure what I play in its version translated into Spanish, in the image the bug does happen because I'm a man but Jada gets oral to a vagina.


That´s a realy good game. The storry is nice written and the characterdesign extraordinary. 5/5

I can´t wait for the next Update, but since I know that good quality needs its time I´ll be patient. 

@BM_Rec - Do you mind the question if I ask for a realse date?

Thanks a lot, but I can't (don't want to) give a release date yet, still a lot to do, but 'Im working on it ;)

Hey, don't sweat it, i kind of expected this answer.


Been a while since I last played either game but still love your content. Downloading the latest WSGTH, so will probably post on the other thread after I play. Love your games and look forward to seeing more development.


Can you please make sure all "action" is optional? Particularly Ellie, she looks like 11 to me, it's disturbing in the worst meaning of that word.


I've made a lot of "action" optional already and I never intended to do that. The initial draft was a lot more straight forward than it is now. BM is actually just a "let's get a feel for this developing thing before I start something bigger", so I always wanted to keep it releatively simple and yet I've changed as many routes as I could change without completely rewriting the story. Now if I'd make the Ellie content optional, the story wouldn't make much sense anymore, so it'll have to stay the way it is.
Maybe I'll find a way after the game is finished and make an addon for it, but until then it'll stay how it is.

By the way my goal was always to make Ellie look cute and young, but still old enough to be adult, I've even googled 18y.o. for reference (you don't want to know how many porn popped up, it's really hard to find non-porn pictures, lol), it's part of the story, her looks is meant to trigger a certain feeling in the player (and no, not the one you got xD), she's meant to be the type of girl you'd never let get harmed in any way or by anyone.


From a story POV, something almost happening can usually serve as a substitute for something actually happening. So I don't think it would do much harm to shortcut the explicit stuff.

I wasn't aware this is a prototype. Not sure how to react to that.

(3 edits) (+2)

If you don't like the style, don't play it. It's not exactly the kind of game (or web site) for prickly gentlemen or raising eyebrows at the first sight of taboo looking stuff... I love Ellie myself, and can't wait for the story to continue, is the developer even still working on it since last year ?


yep devs still working on it

(1 edit)

"looks 11 to me"
have you ever seen real people? real people do not look an age.
methinks ppl who take this attitude are comparing the characters to real life 11yo individuals they know people - a VERY disturbing trend..
these are FICTIONAL characters, DO NOT compare them to your real like sisters/daughters etc.
you sound as bad as the australian government who has now decided that any sex doll under a certain height must be a child, as if short women do not exist in real life, or as bad as patreon who has now decided that any "japanese style art" represents children, no matter the body shape etc. humans are diverse, both physically and mentally, if you have a pre-determined idea of what a "11yo" looks like, then next time you date someone whom you think "looks 20", you might just end up in jail.
dont be that pedo.
to the author, keep up the excellent work, not everyone thinks that flat chested or short adults are actually children.. some ppl know that we are not made with cookie cutters and that everyone is unique, especially Ellie, she can say more with no words than most women can with an entire conversation

Bro.. she looks like she's 11. stop trying to defend pedophilia?

(4 edits)

as i already explained in great detail, if YOU are interpreting a fictional character which is clearly described as being an adult, as "under the age of consent", then YOU are obviously the pedo..
#NotAllWomen have E breasts, not all women are 5'5", not all women fit your personally biased opinion of what a particular age should look like, only your own imagination and sexual desires are creating that image of a FICTIONAL 'CARTOON' CHARACTER.
as with any form of art, its interpretation is in the "eye of the beholder" and all that jazz.

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