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I wanted to buy this via Steam since paying on itchio for some reason doesn't work for me, but it just says it's not available in my region. I have vpn and tried a bunch of countries and it just keeps saying it isn't available. Where is it even available on steam?

Yeah it's blocked in germany, nothing I can do about it :(

Too bad, I was really enjoying 0.6 and was looking forward to the new update (and I already guessed that you wouldn't block any country on purpose)

I really like the game. It seems that the latest Mac version 0.7 does not start on my machine...

I haven't found the cause for this yet, and it only seems to affect very few peoply, but what you can do is:
show package content on app - contents - macOS - open badmemories executable file.

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Okay I paid the 9 bucks to get the new update and I've downloaded the Droid version twice now but it just keeps telling me I can't open the file. Did I just waste 9 bucks?


First of all, you can download all version, not only the android version, so if you have a computer or tablet you could try that.
Second, and more importantly "can't open the file" is not really anything I've seen on an android. "Can't install", yes, that usually happens when there's not enough (temporary) space to unpack/install the apk, you usually need 3-4 times as much space as the .apk file size, but I think 5gb is the minimum. Again, this is just for unpacking/installing, the game itself doesn't need that much space.
You also need to enable "install from unknown sources", otherwise it just won't let you install the game.

Yes I am aware of all that. Firat of all, I don't have a tablet or PC to put it on. second of all, I am well aware of how it works when you don't have space, as you said it gives you an error while trying to install the file and I dont think my 79gb of free space is an issue. Third of all, I have 3rd party install turned on as I have downloaded numerous games from itch without issue, all apk's (including one just 6 days prior). So I guess to answer my question, yes I am just out 9 bucks.

If you have some old save files, try deleting them. If you use an older android version: update your android version...

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'll keep you updated.

I've uploaded a newer version using a newer engine version as well, hope this helps.

Yeah I see no change to the file or the issue. I suppose there are no refunds when it doesn't work?

I think you can request a refund by itch directly. If they have any questions, send them my way ;)


For all of you who may be wondering, if you only added the game to your collection but did not donate at least $1 USD, then no, the updates are not free. If you donated at least $1 USD, then you technically purchased it, and there is a download button on your "my collection" page that allows you to get the updates. I double checked this myself by making another account and adding the game to my collection but not donating for it, and that account does not have the download button on the collection page, but this account (which I did donate on) does.


Just bought it, I was about to do so before you talked about the problems you had with steam.
I love what I have seen so far, and I am sure that the final version will be even better.
Keep up the good work!!                                                       


Thanks :)


cheers mate ,
cant wait to play 0.7 finally! 
i paid you $10.99 because i enjoyed this game so much the last time ive played it..... and i know $2 tip on top isnt much but i wanted to give you something extra instead of only a comment in return that your work is brilliant. 
i hope you appreciate,
keep your work going dude i will always have a look on your latest updates!

have a nice week mate! 



Thanks a lot, apprechiate it. I think you'll like it if you liked the previous versions, I got some really nice feedback already :)


Don't mind supporting devs where it is due, but as someone on a fixed income due to a chronic disability 5-10 dollars is actually a lot to spend on something that isn't neccesary.

Devs that lock their content behind a paywall really irk me.  Either make it pay to play, or do a delayed release for non patreon members, but making it impossible to obtain the rest of the story without paying is a low and dirty move.

I may be wrong, i may just not see it somewhere, so correct me if I am wrong, but that is exactly what is seems like is going on here.


You know what irks me? People who complain and outright insult others while not even having the decency to read the news right above their post, news that are available there for more than 2 months for anyone to read. Even reading some of the posts here would have propably enlightened you.

But I get it, it's easier to just complain...


sorry not trying to made any one mad just gave my opinion that's all nor if you got hurt or something I'm really sorry. But try to think it my way too I'm one of those how don't have any money or something then what options do I have? I am sorry to say but no other option then piracy which I don't do or don't want to or even not appreciate doing so,in conclusion I/We kinda feel left out. BTW I love your work and even now I don't own or have the game so I don't know what's happening in the story rn.


Then don't buy it, nobody is forcing you, people like you really piss me of, are you seriously complaining about 10 dollars?

I'm not going to correct you, but try to make a game as good as this and then don't want a single thing in return, I would say that would be pretty hard for you.

Maybe I would undersatnd if the game was short or bad, but this game is actually good, and pretty long.  


Man, you must hate demos then.

All that baiting XD


If you had been keeping up with news and announcements, it was made clear that he was going to go to a fixed price because of Steam connections. He also made it clear that if you bought it beforehand (for as little as $1 USD I might add), then you could always download the newest version here with no additional fee. I have a tight budget as well, and decided that access to a great WIP game like this one was worth at least contributing a small amount to the dev. For less than the cost of one soda, I have access to the newest releases, and I appreciate the fact that the dev was even willing to let people play it for free in the first place.


Bro i am aware but you know what i live in a country where a dollar is about 180 price so i will have to spend like 2000 money to get this and if you think i am wrong so calculate it your self PKR is my country money. I am sorry to say but i don't own that much money or something i am still in 9th class so there is no other way to get money by working cauz my parrents don't allow me


...and that's the easiest and fastest way to get banned from an adult game.


good on you BM_Rec, it's good to see that you stay actively participating in the posts and are proactive. 


Soooo....whats the real reason now? Chronic disability payments being your only income or you're still a child in highschool and your allowance from mommy and daddy is your only income?


Very excited to play this! Haven't put the money down yet but you bet I will soon.


Just bought your product. It is probably going to be the only VN I will ever spend money on. Looking forward to playing the new content :)


Hey dev. Got the game while it was still free. Do i need to pay for the game now if i want the updates ? I know the update post said they'd be free, but I can't see an option to update.


The updates will still be free, but what I said was that I'm not sure how this works on itch and if you wanted to make sure that you keep getting the updates for free it's best to buy the game as long as you can choose the price yourself.

I'm still not a 100% sure tbh, but I guess if you can't download the update you'll have to buy the game.


If you only added it to your collections, there is no download button shown on your collections page. If you paid for the game at all, there is a download button on collections page, which is how you get the newest version without having to pay again.

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i want to buy this game but i can only pay with UPI


What's UPI? And more importantly, why is my internet so lame rn?


A Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a smartphone application that allows users to transfer money between bank accounts. It is a single-window mobile payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).


Really been looking forward to the new update! Thank you!

I already had the game i have to pay bow?

Did you buy it before?

no i had it for a while.....good game though 


I made a lengthy explanation about how and why the pricing changes, also gave a lot of time and oportunity to buy it for the lowest amount possible on itch. Sorry mate, but that one goes on you^^

Thanks for the compliment though :)


Don't tell me this is abandoned now... So many devs give up.........


literally just released a test version for his patreon supporters lol...

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Oh fucking hell. I'm glad this isn't abandoned. I've literally found probably 100+ Masterpieces like yours then after v1.4 v4 etcetera Boom. Abandoned. It's always the greatest fear to find something Truly Amazing and then .....


When is the next version gonna release?

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suggestion for the developer of this game maybe you should take precautions and save your work on an external hard drive just in case it happens again


What do you mean? I always make backups ô.O


Hi if I have the geme installed and in my list, is the future update still free for me I'm using android. Love the game can't wait for the update. 

you have to buy the game for it to stay, and the next update will increase the price to the same as Steam

Hi again, I would buy the game but I'm not sure if I think wrong. If I buy it in steam is it only for steam or is it in too?

If you buy it on Steam then it's for Steam only, if you buy it here it's for here only.  Right now Steam has a bit more story, but the next update will make them the same.


You buy it on Steam, you get it for Steam. You buy it on Itch, you get it for Itch.

Right now you can still buy the Itch version for 1 buck, the Steam version is $8,99, so I'd grab the Itch version as long as it's possible.


I absolutely love this game, so rich and indepth! i have been waiting oh so patiently for the next chapter, i really hope it comes soon! I really wanna see the MC take command of the house hold and make Rachel his personal love pet!!!

*Rachel the house elf


hehe the house submissive

The Lesbian route and dominating that stuck up ( )itch is one of my favorites. Shoving my fingers to her...and making her...


naughty hehe, never played the lesbian route. May have to give it a try

If you like watching Gorgeous girls lick pussy this is for you. If you don't, skip Female mc. 

not to sound rude or stereo typical for being a bi guy, who wouldnt like to see that lol


So when the next update comes out, will it be the full game?


I really love this game. When do you think another update will be out?


Thanks, a few weeks from now.



Can I chat with you personally??

Just to ask something.only if you have time.please leave a message to my email.


I have a discord, link on my profile, but just to make it clear from the beginning: no I won't change parts of the game because "something" :P

Deleted 104 days ago
Deleted 104 days ago

So uhhhhh, you're kinda being a creeper dude.

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I agree, you're sounding hella creepy, if you want to show your support, join us in donating thats all, if you want private art or something there's plenty of artists out there for that.

EDIT - Dontlose account was made the day of these comments, that's a red flag, probably some cretin AVOID THEM


sorry guys...

I didn't have any worst plan or decision against any of you guys...

I am a writer.

A adult only story writer. It was my dream to create VN but I can't draw or create app.

I only know to write and write.

I just wanted to ask to the creator of VN about 'how and what' kind of questions.may be even try to get a deal or partnership.

Seems like it won't bad luck

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sounds like books are what you should be working on. papers ones that dont require apps or drawings


I wish there was a way for you to offer the option to view content or not because, I ,like to play a game for the immersion and if I laugh, cry or get horny as hell, it's all part of why we play games or watch movies, right?

Thank you for the game, I love it!


Thanks for the Steam release; definitely purchased.


Hey, I really like BM and i installed itch launcher and i wanted to install the game from the laucher because you said that it will be with 9 euros and i got an error like:

This title is hosted on an incompatibile third-party website

what shoud i do?

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It will just open the game page in your web browser, so that you can download it with mega.  


I think you might need to buy it to add it to your library in that case.


isnt there a posible case to put also on other site than MEGA? like mediafire or google drive 

i heard that itch doesnt really like MEGA and thats why it gives that error


or maybe if you could post it like an setup format to be recognised by itch


Next update will be on itch directly. I have really poor internet, so I try to not upload in too many places, other wise my internet will be busy for days :/

And that means that ill need to pay, right?


Is it possible to know when a new chapter will be released?

the story is really very exciting and the high graphic quality makes you want to continue


Thanks, update is probably by the end of this month.


I think I may have found a bug. In the gallery, in the images section, the last image on the second page (Jada's mom coming out to your car when you take Jada home after the party) only unlocks if you play as a male. It does not unlock if you play as a female. The dialogue is slightly different in the scene based on your gender, but the image is the same in both versions of the scene, so there's no reason that I can see for it to only unlock on the male route.


Are you sure it was that image and not another one? There's not gender check behind that image, so it should trigger as soon as you see it, not matter the gender.

It's one of the choice depedant images though, so if you go adifferent route it won't show up.


Yeah, it was that one. I did a female playthrough first, and after finishing it, I was missing that image, the last image on the fifth page, and several on the last page. I decided to do a male playthrough to see if the missing images were gender-locked. I made all the exact same choices in the male playthrough as I did in my female playthrough, and after finishing it, all the images that should be male-locked were unlocked, as well as the image with Jada's mom next to the car.

Hey does anyone know how to unlock the last picture in the galery I don't know if I did everything but I tried next to everything still haven't unlocked it I'm really dying of curiosity.


When the next update .. I've been waiting for so long ..pls i need it so bad ( ╹▽╹ ) well it so nice when it have a nice grafic and beauty tone of character ...thnkiu for making this game i will support you whit pay on it tq tq tq...

Soon! There's a news post ;)



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I have finished reading through the full thing and I gotta say I can't wait to get into Rachel's pants I love her character design althought I share the opinion of the main character that she should try and stop taking those pills.

Edit: Katherine is my favorite face by far in the game alongside with Female Mc obviously, they look soo good specially together ;).

Fun fact, I used Kat as a base when I made the female MC^^

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hopefully they'll have fun together even if not sexually at least katherine could become more understanding still maintain some attitude but maybe be romantically interested in "Jill" in my case "Jill Sakura" I chose the last name because female MC is beatifull like the flower.


Can't wait for the next update

Yo can i get a google drive download link? My phone always had an issue when im downloading something in mega, i rlly want to play it asap.

That's why there is a mega app for smartphones :P

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i tried that too but when the downloading is about to be done it restarts and downloads again, i tried checking my files (android) if it works but i found nothing.


Welp, I'll most likely upload the next update directly to itch, so that there won't be any problems with the download.


thank you for making a wonderful game I doubt the praise of a random internet user means much but thank you for this awesome game regardless.

How close are you to the next update BM?


Next month if everything works out.

Nice whos the main focus of it gonna be tho?


MC, lol.

lol ik that but what girl mainl

there is no main focus ;)

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1. Your game is amazing and so are the graphics of the shrex scenes.

2. How come I can't play Rachel's story yet? It says I need to complete the main story line before it's an option, but I've completed the game through the last update, and I still can't choose Rachel's story. What gives?


1. Thanks :D

2. I says "Available after the main story is complete", which means once it's fully implemented. For now Rachels story only exists on paper and once the game is on version 1.0, I'll start working on her story.

Cool thanks.

Sorry my question isn't about the game specifically, but where do you get the character models from? Buy them from somewhere or just made yourself? 


They're all made from the Genesis3 base model from Daz3D.

Gotcha, thank you!

Are you doing your renders in DAZ as well?  They're top-notch. 

Deleted 141 days ago

The abuse wasn't physical, it was psychological/mental, at least for the MC. Rachel is another story though.

Futa wouldn't make much sense, I try to keep it relatively realistic, at least as good as possible^^
 A trans path is simply nothing I'm interested in.

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Hey I'm playing the current version on here, I'm missing 1 item in the gallery and was hoping you could tell me how to get it.

I've played through both sexes, and it's in the Gallery - Images. It's on page 2 - row 1 - picture 3

Also... where are the saves for the game? In the saves folder I only see an item called persistent.


You get that image when you watch pron in the game ;)

The save files are under "user/appdata/roaming/renpy/BM-(some-number)"

well shit, no idea how I missed being able to do that, another playthrough it is lol.

What's different about android and Android (arm64) ?

arm64 is for the specific processor and will likely run better if your android uses it, but if you aren't sure about what processor your android has, chose the other one ;)

ah i see , thanks for the answer

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Nice game can't wait for the update


its hard to wait for the update cuz the game is just so goddamn good

9 months no update :/


8 months and don't forget that I released an update for my other game in february, so it's actually 5 months ;)


Both of your games are in my top 10 VN, just wanted to let you know. Love your work

Do you have any estimate for when the next update is likely?




Thank you.

I would like to congratulate you on including the opportunity to have the MC as either male or female, having played through as both I think it does change the feel of the story. Im impressed and a little surprised it isnt a more common thing to do, I appreciate that it is more work, but I am assuming that the story and many of the renders are much the same.

I also wanted to say that I was intrigued by the inclusion of Rachels Story on the menu, is that going to be the same story told through her eyes? Or perhaps the story from when the MC's father was around?

Finally, there are a few things in the text that you might want to look at. (My apologies if you've already changed them.)

Male MC to Rachel "(Damn, she was really just trying to be nice and I was a total bitch...)" - wrong gender

Jada to Male MC "Hehe, bitch..." - wrong gender

Steph "This is the company headquarters, all our prototypes are build and tested here." - built

MC to CJ "Yeah, good bye." - goodbye

MC to Katherine "I've seen you in the city today, you know..." - I saw

MC to Rachel "But don't you think that loosing her best friend would be bad for her, even with me being here?" - losing

Jada "So, were you look for me, or do you want to use the bathroom?" - looking

Hmm, I don't know which version you played, but I can't find any of these errors/typos. Some of the gender specific stuff you mentioned has been working fine for several versions. I can only think of an engine problem, but I don't get these errors, so I can't check :(
Thanks anyway.

Regarding Rachels Story:
It's going to start a little bit earlier than the main story and then will follow along the main story. It will shine some light on stuff that the MC can't possibly know and fill some holes left open by the main story.

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